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Are Tourism Professionals Ready for Crisis? (03.11.2008)

Nisan 1st 2010 in İngilizce yazıları

Economical and financial crisis affecting all countries start affecting tourism deeply.
Tour operators closing in UK one by one, travel-loving nation of Germans has over 1,5 million citizens that can’t pay their credit cards today. Moreover, we receive bankruptcy news of airline and travel companies operating at other markets. All those ungrateful news are affecting all tourism professionals.

I wonder if tourism professionals are ready for a world economical crisis?
What kind of strategies is formed by countries against this situation?

Increasing number of gatherings this week especially with Madi-Prague and WTM-London and forward with others throughout November, we will try to find out answers to all those questions.

Wish a successful month for tourism professionals.


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The economic crisis started in USA at the end of September tripped to Europe as well.
In reality, it will effect all world countries globally in near future.

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