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Dear Neighbor (02.12.2008)

Nisan 1st 2010 in İngilizce yazıları

Relations with neighbors are a very important thing. Good relations with your neighbor bring you trust and easiness.
You can ask your neighbor something that you can’t find in your house. Or you run to their help if they need it. To have good relations with your neighbors and having a good neighbor are advantages for you.

Last month, we have attended many travel exhibitions one after another; first, Philoxenia – Thessaloniki, Madi-Prague, WTM-London and lately Travel Turkey – Izmir. Moreover, we attended a fam-trip in Vilnius for the program of 2009 European Culture Capital.

What we see at our travels is that tourism professionals are anxious about the economical and financial crisis struggling world economies. With anxiety and uncertainty, 2009 will not be a preferred year for tourism industry. Hopes and record targets will be delayed to next years.

Another topic I want to mention is the consumption of travelers and holiday lovers that will spend their money more carefully and will choose closer destinations for their travels in 2009. All industry leaders mentioned this at travel exhibitions we mentioned above.

In 2009 tourism year, we will see growth in relations and friendship of countries with their neighbors.

This month, we will attend first EIBTM-Barcelona and later to Exporama Show in Greece. Turkey will increase its relations with its neighbors; Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Iran, and Syria in 2009. Neighbors from Black Sea; Romania, Ukraine, and Russia are also including this list. Moreover, Turkey may even strength ties with Armenia and Iraq.


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Economical and financial crisis affecting all countries start affecting tourism deeply.
Tour operators closing in UK one by one, travel-loving nation of Germans has over 1,5 million citizens that can’t pay their credit cards today.

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