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Istanbul Against Crisis (05.08.2009)

Nisan 1st 2010 in İngilizce yazıları

Number of tourists arriving Istanbul continues to increase.
Despite global economical crisis, number of tourists arriving Istanbul increased 2,4 percent in July compare to same month last year.

The increase at arrivals started in April and continued till July and reached 15 percent. Total number of tourists arrived to Istanbul is counted 4,179,906 tourists as of end of July. Germans are the most visiting nation, followed by British, French, American, Italian, and Russian tourists.

Being one of the trendiest cities, number of tourists visiting Istanbul is increasing everyday because of city’s rich history – cultural values and being a popular MICE destination.

If you didn’t see Istanbul yet, be quick to reserve your place as Istanbul will attract many as 2010 European Culture Capital.


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World is in crisis but growth rate in China is 6,1% making China the top growing country in first 3 months of 2009.
Chinese turn the excess amount of foreign currency at import/export rates both to local investment and think more tourism every year.

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