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Istanbul at Pow Wow (02.06.2008)

Nisan 1st 2010 in İngilizce yazıları

New Focus Travel Magazine May/June issue continues Istanbul promotion at USA’s largest tourism event; Pow Wow.
Istanbul – The 2010 European Culture Capital will be promoted as the cover story of New Focus Travel Magazine which will be at Pow Wow that will be held 31 May – 5 June in Las Vegas.

Moreover, we will find out what’s new at the American tourism industry, new tourism products and destinations. And we will bring you all these news to you at New Focus Travel Magazine July/August issue.

You will find Pow Wow news at throughout the week.


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Our title that sounds like a song is the names of last 3 important exhibitions for 2008 marketing studies.
USA’s most important incoming exhibition Pow Wow is taking place in Las Vegas this year. American friends would host us in a different destination this year.

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New Focus Travel Magazine May/June issue will promote Istanbul at the two most important tourism exhibition of China after exhibiting at USA’s most important and highly participated event; Pow Wow.

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