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New Products & New Markets (15.11.2009)

Nisan 1st 2010 in İngilizce yazıları

We have seen travel professionals at WTM-London look for new directions, new products, and new destinations.
According to the WTM Global Trends Report in association with Euromonitor International states that the trend for 2010 is new concepts, tourism products and markets.

As you may remember, I summed up at my last article in September as follows;

“Therefore; quality, branding, new products, new destinations will get importance in tourism.

Tourism professionals that work on sales and marketing products/services will have more advantage next year by participating not only in well-known tourism activities but also to new exhibitions and workshops at new destinations.”

Now, we are learning to live not only with economical crisis, but also with many other negative events such as; climate changes, epidemic diseases, political and social problems.

World is not as it is before. Therefore travel professionals will work more, introduce different appliances to please people and society.


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As of every September, tourism professionals start sales and marketing for rest of the year and especially for the next year.

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