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Tourism Grows on the Internet (11.01.2009)

Nisan 1st 2010 in İngilizce yazıları

World tourism moves rapidly to cyber space. Now people find destinations that they will travel, arrange transportations, accommodations, arrange meals and entertainment from their chair at their homes. They got almost all travel information from the internet and also consume online.

Number of world internet users are counted over 1,5 billion. Moreover, the travel industry’s portion also increases. It is estimated that online travel generated €61,3 billion only in Europe.

Business travel bookings represented 29% of the €246 billion European travel industry, the world’s largest regional travel market.

Information resources and ratios used in order to make travel decisions in Americas and Asia Pacific raised to 76 percent thanks to internet. On the other hand, usage of magazines and travel agencies decreased dramatically, almost half of internet usage.

The internet usage will continue to increase in 2009 therefore I advice tourism professionals to consider this fact while they are making their future plans.


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