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Van, Capitol of Urart (28.07.2008)

Nisan 1st 2010 in İngilizce yazıları

Located at far east of Turkey and naming with the same name of the lake, Van is aiming to host 1 million tourists every year with its 7,000 years of history.
Van with the legendary Akdamar Church and much other historical and cultural richness is nowadays hosting tourists that came from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

Van will be the starting point of international tourists that will start a touristic and cultural journey at the region.

Tourists will continue to discover many historical and culture treasures in Turkey for years from north to south, west to east.


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ITB-Berlin, TUR – Göteborg, MAP – Paris, MITT – Moscow and lately UITT – Kiev
tourism events shows that it will be very hard to find an empty hotel room in Turkey this summer.

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How hard politicians work, they can’t destroy friendship formed by tourism professionals.
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